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Our Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Van When Moving Home or Office

Hiring your own van is one of the most cost effective ways of moving home or office. This can be done from easyVan.

If you are considering using a removal firm but cannot bring yourself to pay the fees, here are several ways to make the whole process as fast and efficient as using professionals, at a fraction of the price.

Firstly, if you have seen professional movers in action you will have noticed that they have three core principles:

1) Having all the right tools and equipment for the job, before starting

2) Working methodically and systematically

3) Preparing both the old and new site for the move

To break these down:

Tools and Equipment


Dust covers and bags: These are ideal for larger items and more delicate pieces that require moving. The majority of these come with handles and straps for ease of transportation from A to B. One of the best providers is Sam Cases. This is much better and safer than polystyrene and bubble wrap.


Electric screwdriver: Beds, bookshelves, shelving units, tables, appliances. You name it; all bow to the power of the mighty electric screwdriver. Blitz through the packing and unpacking process in a fraction of the time compared to using a manual screwdriver.


Boxes and gaffer tape: The bread and butter of any house move. Cardboard boxes can be collected free of charge from most supermarkets, but you wont get much say in terms of quality or size and shape. For even sized and – most importantly – sturdy boxes you can order a moving pack from Big Brown Box. This way all the boxes will fit neatly together in your hire van.

Labels: It may seem obvious when you’re packing exactly what goes in what box. But when you have twenty packed boxes coming out the back of the van at your new location, you will want to quickly know where each box is going and loosely what it contains.


Bubble Wrap: Especially useful if asking untrained friends and family to assist in the move. It is well worth stocking up on bubble wrap. Wrapping glass and china in it will mean any drops will hopefully be cushioned in a blanket of air bubbles. And as a reward at the end of the move you can always offer popping rights to the most enthusiastic helper.


Your System and Process


If you watch a removal professional at work you will notice that they always use the same technique. They will always ask for the largest items first. These will then be loaded to the back of the van, and on the whole will try and occupy the centre of the van.


This is done for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you load all the larger items in first you can work on packing all the smaller items around them. This makes packing easier and it also protects some of the smaller items as they use the structure put into place by the larger items as a way of staying still and not skidding from one side to the other as you turn.


It is also pretty important to put the heaviest items in the middle of the vehicle. This means weight is evenly distributed between the two sets of suspension and isn’t putting undue pressure on just one side. This will improve handling if it is evenly spread




For all the good intent and care taken in the world, if you are not prepared something is bound to go wrong or missing. You would do well to write up a checklist of everything that needs to be packed in. You can then decide the exact order that everything needs to go into the van and position it, in order, by the door. This means that when you carry on the heaviest items you don’t have to clamber over a load of other stuff.


If you have remembered to label everything then you will know exactly where everything will go. It is a good idea to designate a room at the move-in destination as the drop-off zone. This way everything can go in one room and be grouped together. You can then send everything off from here to the different rooms in your new home or office


It would be a wise idea to find a few friends, family members or work colleagues to give you a hand while you move. Never forget that many hands make light work. We hope you will decide to rent a van with easyVan, and get yourself a good deal.

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