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Moving House Doesn’t Always Have to be a Nightmare…


Moving house is stressful enough without the added hassle, costs and worries of a poorly organised removal service. Instead, with a little bit of planning and a few pairs of helping hands, hiring your own van can make the whole moving experience less traumatic as well as being great value for money. Here are a few things to bear in mind when planning your move.


The packing process


Try and start your packing at least six weeks before the day of the move. Start with smaller, lesser-used items and, without popping it all, use bubble wrap for anything that’s fragile.


Make sure you stock up on cardboard boxes from your local supermarket, as these really are a must when moving house. They are useful, not only for transporting items to and from the van, but stacking them carefully will allow you to fit far more things in the back. Boxes of a similar size are more space efficient. Another tip – use table linen, sheets and cushions as extra padding in boxes.


Load the van up with all the heaviest items (such as appliances) close to the front and to both sides on the van floor, as you’ll be packing from floor to ceiling. Very large items, such as wardrobes, can be loaded into the van empty, and then filled up with smaller items once on board. Easy!


One of the biggest bugbears when moving is the chaos at the other end, the unloading. Clearly mark each box with the name of the room it should go to. It’s quite frustrating to discover when unpacking that all the kitchen gear has been carried up to an attic bedroom.


Help with hiring


Once the majority of the packing has been done, it’s time to work out what size of hire van you need. There are plenty of useful online calculators into which you enter furniture dimensions and other specific details for it to estimate the load space you will need. You can then hire the correct vehicle.


Remember, if you’re travelling quite a distance; make sure you allow sufficient time to unload at the other end.


Something that everyone worries about when using removal services is the thought of others handling their possessions. Laughing workmen, tossing boxes marked ‘fragile’ to one another is an unlikely scenario, but an image that plays across the mind of many an anxious mid-move mother.


Working with your friends to fill up your hire van means you know that everything is safe and being handled with care – a huge weight off your shoulders during this difficult time!


Got any useful packing tips or disastrous moving-house anecdotes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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