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Back to University: Hire a Van to End Your Student Summer

Along with the shorter days, falling leaves and crisp, cold mornings of autumn comes the end of your break from study and time of relaxation. For students, September is the time to gear up for a return to studies and to move into new accommodation.

Now, for many of you the prospect of seeing your mates again and settling into your glistening new digs is, in itself, a cause for celebration and excitement. However, it’s easy to forget the admin behind the start of the year packing and the often-taxing journey from home to halls or shared accommodation could always be made easier.


Whether it’s possessions getting damaged and lost, or worst of all, having to make multiple car journeys, the chaos and frustration of this September journey is never a calming way to welcome in a positive academic year.

Hiring a van for your journey is the simple solution! The extra space will allow you not only to fit everything inside comfortably but also in an efficient and practical way, without the need to travel a few hundred miles with your crockery at your feet.

In terms of the practicalities of packing your van, you can refer to our previous blog post on top tips for moving your stuff which gives a useful general insight into the philosophy of the art of van-packing.

To make the process easier, we at easyVan have a guide to the size and dimensions of the models in our standard fleet. Whether you need to shift garden furniture, a hefty wardrobe, a drum kit or just boxes, hiring a van with us will make your moving-in day so much smoother.

As an added bonus, we offer flexible return options. If you are driving up without a parent or friend (who normally, of course, would kindly take the van back), at easyVan, we allow you to return the vehicle to an agreed location near your destination.


In the ‘Search for Van Hire’ section simply check the box marked ‘Are you returning your van to a different location?’ Simple!

So, why else are we the perfect option for migrating students? Because we offer outstanding value for money! By working with a selected roster of well-priced, reliable suppliers, we can keep our costs right down and pass the savings directly on to our customers. And when you’ve already got a list as long of your arm of books you need to buy for the new academic year, it helps to keep costs down wherever you can.


Why not grab a few mates for the journey? Splitting the cost of a larger van between three of you could well work out cheaper than going solo with a smaller vehicle. It’s easy to work out on our van price comparison page. This is especially helpful if you need a large van where the minimal rental age is higher than others, so you can get a slightly older friend to drive you down if need be. For smaller vans, the minimum age is often just 22, be sure to check this minimum age before selecting the van to avoid disappointment at the checkout.


After hiring a van from us, you can enjoy your leisurely and spacious cruise across the country, safe in the knowledge that all of your possessions (required to serve you for the next 11 months) have their own space and are packed away carefully. Make the start to your academic year that bit smoother by booking with easyVan today!

Happy motoring!

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